JoeWoodProfilePicWelcome to my blog!  If you haven’t already figured out my name is Joe Wood.  I am the Instructional Technology & Assessment Director at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento, California, but probably more than anything else I am a learner.  JoeWoodOnline is my place to learn, reflect, and share new ideas, as well as a place to experiment.

Throughout my educational career I have held many titles and taught in a variety of settings.  I’ve been a middle school science teacher, a technology coach, an Area 3 Writing Project teacher consultant, CUE Lead Learner, Google Certified Teacher, and most recently a CEPTA Certified CTO.

Each day, I have the fortunate experience of spending my time helping teachers innovate their instructional practice, making their classroom more relevant and intellectually challenging for their students. It’s a great adventure and in many ways I have learned more from the teachers and students I work with than I have probably taught.  This blog is one of my attempts to collect, reflect, and share ideas with some of the hardest working educators I know.  From time to time you might also find my stories about being a dad and husband.

Read something and please post a comment. Comments keep me going!


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