A Return to Writing


You might have noticed its been a bit quiet around these parts the last few months.  Between a hectic new work schedule and a few “interesting” events this summer, blogging has always been the one thing I couldn’t quite get to.  With a new district focus on reading and writing I have reflected quite a few times on how much I’ve missed writing in this little place in cyberspace, and even more importantly, receiving feedback from my friends and colleagues. With this in mind I wanted to announce a new writing schedule with a new focus.  Really, the schedule is just a reminder for me.  :-)  As I have blogged in the past, my focus has often been random.  I want to adjust my focus so that the topics found here are more aligned with the three areas where I seem to be spending much of my time these days: innovation, instruction, and reading.  So adjust your Google Reader and Bloglines account, make sure you have this blog still dialed in and leave a comment or two in the next few posts to let me know if you’re still around.


Photo: Blogging Research Wordle by Kristina B

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