A Little Good in the Neighborhood


Last week as I was stumbling along the blogosphere I came across a fantastic development here in West Sacramento. LJUrban’s Good Project is a community of 35 LEED ND Certified homes just across the river from downtown. The homes are ultra energy and water efficient; built with environmentally-friendly products and recycled materials; and designed to minimal impact on Earth and the community. Depending upon where you work this really is a place where you could move in and ditch your car…or at least park it in the garage until you have to leave town. When you come home at night, you’d be part of a tight-knit community with your own neighborhood garden.

It sounds like a fantastic project to me! If I had stumbled across this site back in February when we were house hunting Kelly and I would have definitely taken a look and probably bought one (Kelly would need to ditch a few belongings though). I’m so impressed I’ve made sure to forward the Good website to anyone I know who is searching for a new home. Even if you aren’t looking, take a look at LJ Urban’s project. This is the type of development each of us should be advocating our local leaders to promote.


Photo: Do Some Good Now! by Eco.Urban on Flickr

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