Curious about 3D? Get ‘Blender’ Software for Free



So you’re a curious, new-technology-loving kinda person and wouldn’t mind playing with a 3-D program.  But you get sticker shock everytime you see the latest and greatest with price tags in the hundreds of dollars.  Worse, when you’ve considered downloading the “trial” version you realize that there’s all kinds of complicated strings attached.

Enter Blender.  It’s one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics application in the world.  Open source you ask?  That means free.  Nope, no trial… no sign up… no annoying watermark… nothing temporary.  It’s free.  And, it’s available for PC, Mac, Linux and many other operating systems.

Blender has a depth and breadth of features comparable to commercial, proprietary, high end and mid range 3D software.  It’s like any other 3D program – a bit tough to learn, but that’s the beauty.  This is free so there’s no risk!  Go for it.

In the month following the release of Blender v2.44, it was downloaded 800,000 times; a worldwide user base forms the core of the support mechanisms for the program. Most users learn Blender through community tutorials and discussion forums on the internet such as Blender Artists (previously known as elYsiun); however, another learning method is to download and inspect ready-made Blender models, available from resource sites such as the Official Blender Model Repository.

Download Blender for PC or Mac here:  BLENDER

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