21st Century Writing


Writing in the 21st Century has been a hot topic at work the past few weeks.  Trying to explain how writing has changed to colleagues who haven’t quite figured out the difference between a blog and a wiki or how either of these is different than Microsoft Word is a bit challenging.  That’s why I appreciated Karl Fisch’s blog post tonight.  His post features three videos produced by Dr. Richard E. Miller from the Department of English at Rutgers University on the topic of Writing in the 21st Century.   One of my favorite quotes is actually in the first video and I think it articulates the first fundamental change teachers who believe writing should involve little more technology than a word processor need to understand.

“To compose, and compose successfully in the 21st century, you have to not only excel at verbal expression, at written expression, you have to also excel in the use and manipulation of images. That’s what it means to compose.”

Check out the videos below and make sure you read Karl’s own reflection.


The Future is Now: Presentation to the RU Board of Governors


This is How We Dream – Part 1


This is How We Dream – Part 2



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