21st Century Learning Academy


Two of my friends in a neighboring school district have put together an interesting idea.  They’re calling it the 21st Century Learning Academy and here’s the description

“The TRUSD Educational Technology team has envisioned the 21st Century Digital Academy in response to our teachers’ most requested area of professional development, the need to close the achievement gap, and desire to produce college-ready, career-prepared graduates. The purpose of the academy is to bring together and empower teachers and students, as well as enrich our district as a whole by fostering partnerships with families, educational leaders, TRUSD community members, and business partners.”

Over the next 5 years 105 teachers from throughout the district can apply to be part of this academy.  With their membership each teacher will receive hands-on technology and 21st Century Skills training, along with a teacher computer, 5 student computers, digital camera, video camera, and a tripod.  The program is designed so that participants are selected from elementary, middle, and high schools that are in in a feeder pattern.  What I like most about this program is that it targets teachers who are interested in bringing technology into their classroom and it is designed to build capacity both amongst the students and staff.  When you have a moment take a look at the commercial the district created or visit the 21st Century Learning Academy website.


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